Bega Valley Eggs

Polacks Flat Rd, Bemboka NSW 2550, Australia




Operating hours not available please check our website.

If you’ve never eaten an egg from a hen raised on sunshine, bugs and grass, then you are in for quite a treat! Deep yellow or orange, gooey yolks stand up tall within their thick, milky whites and have a rich creamy flavor unlike any store-bought egg you’ve ever tasted. They’re simply delicious!

Bega Valley Eggs is a family owned, small scale, regenerative farm producing premium quality Pasture Raised Eggs. 

Their eggs are for people who seek the freshest, healthiest, tastiest produce, who care for the health and well-being of the animals, who wish to support the regeneration of the soil and the earth, and who are passionate about supporting small, local family farms. 

Bega Valley Eggs are available for sale in 30+ local stores and served at over 20 local cafes and restaurants. 

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