Narooma Charters


Narooma Charters offers an unforgettable maritime adventure on the pristine waters of Australia’s South Coast.

Their Barunguba Montague Island Tours unveil the beauty of this untouched gem, rich in wildlife and natural wonders.

For marine enthusiasts, Whale Watching Tours provide a front-row seat to awe-inspiring cetacean migrations. Anglers can rejoice with Fishing Charter Tours, promising thrilling catches in abundant waters. Dive Charter Tours cater to underwater explorers, unveiling vibrant underwater ecosystems, while Snorkelling with the seals offers a playful encounter with these charismatic creatures.

Narooma Charters combines expertise, eco-consciousness, and exhilaration, making every tour an immersive coastal experience.

66 Princes Hwy, Narooma NSW, Australia
P: 0407 909 111



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Operating hours not available please check our website.

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