Mogendoura Farm produces 100% grass-fed Belted Galloway cattle – known as ‘Belties’.  Their delicious marbled meat has exceptional flavour and juiciness.  You can visit the farm or find them at the weekly SAGE Farmers Market in Moruya on Tuesdays.  

Raised on a pure diet of grass or hay. Mogendoura’s cattle are never “finished” with beef pellets or corn syrup. The beef has no added hormones or preservatives. 

Galloway meat is high in protein, minerals and antioxidants, while low in cholesterol and saturated fat, and exceptionally good Omega 6:3 ratio. Galloways do not need to be fed any grain to naturally achieve high levels of marbling.  

Mogendoura Farm runs ‘Farm Feast’ and wellness experiences on-farm, in a unique, tranquil setting convenient to Moruya.

Mogendoura Farm, 189 Hawdons Rd, Mogendoura NSW 2537, Australia
P: 0412 468 921

Opening Hours

At SAGE Farmers Market from 3pm Tuesdays
Farm experiences by appointment

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